Q: I have really sensitive skin, can I use DEWPRÉ Skincare?
A: Yes,Our product have Dermatologically Tested. During the testing process, there is no allergic reaction to sensitive skin.

Q: I have really dry skin, what DEWPRÉ Skincare products will work best for me?
A: All our products were made for those suffering from really dry skin (although they are suitable for all skin types)

Q: Do Dewpre provide skin Advisor?
A: yes, you can contact our customer service, don’t worry they are very friendly.

Q: Do DEWPRÉ officially registered in BPOM?
A: Yes, All our products has been officially registered in BPOM, you can check just by input our brand DEWPRÉ on BPOM website.

Q: Is DEWPRÉ product Halal?
A: Yes, it is. DEWPRÉ has been officially get Halal certificate from MUI.

Q: Can DEWPRÉ be used with other beauty products?
A: Yes, DEWPRÉ can be use with onether beauty products, make sure that other beauty are safe and suitable for you skin, but we recommend you to use all DEWPRÉ products to get maximum result of beauty skin.

Q: I read through your FAQ and still can’t find the answers to my question, what do I do?
A: please contact us at +62 8128 7344 909, or send E-mail at Dewpré Email